What are Pl4y Alerts?

Pl4y Alerts is an easy to use NFT Tracker for different Web3 Games Marketplaces. At the moment our service is limited to the Axie Infinity marketplace; Gala Games and Immutable X marketplaces are still in development, with other Marketplaces to come in the near future.Indicate the NFT (type, rarities, etc.) you are looking for and at what price you want to buy in, you will get notified when the NFT reaches the goal price so you can be the first one to grab it.

How do I create an alert?

Our free trial consists of 1000 credits that you can use to test our tool and decide if its a fit for your needs without spending any money.

What is the Pl4y Alerts free trial?

1 - Press "Create alert" button
2 - Choose the marketplace you want to analyze ( E.g.  "Axie Infinity" )
3 - Give a name to your alert
4 - Choose the "Time interval" and "Desired Price"
5 - Paste the marketplace URL of the NFT you want to track (E.g. "")
6 - Choose how to get notified of your alert, sit back, and relax.

How do credits work?

Your alerts require for us to have a server constantly checking the Marketplace or Blockchain of your choice in order to find gems for you. Depending on the frequency you choose for your alert, your credits will be consumed faster.

What is the frequency of an alert?

The frequency of an alert is how often you want us to check if there's a marketplace opportunity that matches your alert. This can be a 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute period. The more often you want us to check, the more credits your alert will cost.Realistic or more likely to happen alerts are the ones were you have the most people bidding against you, those are the ones that you should use shorter periods for.

How do I get credits?

Credits can be added from the Credits tab of your Dashboard, make sure to add an address to your profile in order to verify your deposits faster. Credits can be purchased with RON, SLP, AXS, ETH and USDC.

How do I get notified of an alert?

Alerts can be set to be received on both Telegram and Email. We will be adding a Discord Bot solution too in order to get the alerts on your channel.